Hello everyone and welcome back to another quick bite here from Nikoli's Kitchen! Today I decided to throw together some chocolate protein bites with quick oats as a quick calorie- and protein-dense snack. We'll also jump into a small positivity segment and reset ourselves for the day.


Season four begins July 6th! I am really excited to kick off the next full season of Nikoli's Kitchen, and especially excited now that (with big thanks to Brendan of Unchefed) I feel like I've cracked the code on the food segments of the show. The show won't be changing substantially, but more than anything I want to welcome you to my table and sit down and eat these meals with you so I can describe them to you in the moment. Thank you so much for choosing Nikoli's Kitchen. Thank you so much for coming on this journey with me.


Featured Recipe for this Episode

2 c quick oats
1 c peanut butter
4 scoops chocolate protein powder
2 T honey
2 t dark chocolate cocoa powder
2 c Almond milk

Combine all ingredients into a bowl.
Microwave for 60 seconds.
Mix until well combined.
Scoop into 12 cupcake liners.
Store in the fridge.

10 g protein and 222 calories per serving.


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